What’s the point now?

Ponterosso 1
Ponterosso 1

Yes, it is. Trieste’s seasonal tourism flow started, three months ago, and is bringing new good things. The first one is concerning about good weather, warm temperatures, blossoming nature, old mountain or hills’ trails rediscovering.

The second one concerns local people who are pretty open now to accept tourists as well as flashpacking and overnight travelers just touching Trieste on its surface. They could feel the need to come back to Trieste for visiting it largely.

The third thing is about money: incomes are getting up, and this is good, even if income tax officers are waiting for us at the edge of the seasonal declaration. We will overcome this passage.

The fourth thing is about foreigners who can discover unique heritage, food, lifestyle, landscapes, nature, people. The type of people Trieste is famous about: open-minded, well educated people who take care of their town as well as guests. People who like to enjoy their lives as well as committed to results.

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