Chinese travel potentiality.

Chinese travelers
Chinese travelers

A new phase started for us. We are focusing on a new side of the travel industry, a side very suitable and wealthy for the hospitality on an overall level. Follow us in this new direction, which is even a new enterprise, and enjoy it. To basically understand what is going on, please, follow us for the next months.

We can we basically say about outbound Chinese travel market? This market is not really yet fully developed and, as a matter of fact, there are many issues about the actual situation of arrival in the West and so on. The first one concerns a security request from China, in order to protect their citizens all over the world. Frankly speaking, in the West, Chinese people are – in these days – a target: they are naive, accompanied with so much cash, they are felt as to be very wealthy and so on. Hence, many issues concerning security.

On the other hand they are very curious to discover other countries and places all over the world and queue to fly and relax, knowing other cultures and life styles. Therefore we expect them to come to the West and to Trieste – which is very safe for tourist matters –  as well as to the other Italian cities.

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