Support Page.

29th August 2018 balaton 0

We just designed and uploaded a new trilingual page, the Support Page, that is already exhaustive of what you have to know here. This page […]


The tram to Opicina.

17th August 2018 balaton 0

The Opicina Tram, one of the tipical attractions of our town, is not working in these days and for the following months. The rail line […]

Il centro visto da Vetta Scorcola

Trieste, a spectacular place.

17th August 2018 balaton 0

Trieste is so spectacular that we invite all of you to take advantage of it. If you like hiking, trekking, jogging, photographying or….snorkeling, this is the […]


Website layout.

4th August 2018 balaton 0

We changed and enhanced the holiday lettings layout, making it easier to read. We even put some new information regarding the italian style. This is the […]


Trilingual Mobile App.

4th August 2018 balaton 0

 We implemented – and are very proud about it – a trilingual Privacy Policy Page on our Mobile App. Please, check it out!

Fontana Barcola


3rd August 2018 balaton 0

What about this summer? Usually in summer we have the best business period along the year. Even this year we’re having a great Summer, full […]