We manage a holiday lettings activity in one the most beautiful but less known italian areas: Trieste. We enjoy a special location, the so-called Alpe Adria, in which Italian, Austrian, Slovenian borders touch and people can easily meet. Our purpose, as long term Tourism branch professionals, is to give travellers information about our place, what kind of services we provide, and above all, what can offer our town as a host town. We are even able to handle travelling inbound requests and customers special needs which feed our complementary service channel, the concierge one. We continuously seek new and better ways to serve our clients and aim to anticipate their future needs. We, in fact, strive to build a relationship of trust with every client for the long term.

This website has been made and is currently maintained by the Shili staff. Shili is a IT company located in Trieste, Italy which deploys its networking and dealing by developing software as well as IT expertise. One of the main skills of this company relates the Hospitality Industry, for which it already worked. If you are operating in the Hospitality Industry you can get a free profile for your activity. For any further profiling and photo as well as be part of the team, that allows you even to write unlimited posts, please write to info@travendo.biz . We’ll answer you as soon as possible depending on the local time. Please note that in some cases this is a service that’s to be paied.