Mobile App.

2nd August 2018 balaton 0

As you already know, at this web address ( ) you can find our Mobile App to be experienced. It is a tri-lingual mobile application in […]


About our Mobile App.

2nd August 2018 balaton 0

Following the 1st stage which was about launching our Mobile App for our customers and fans, here it is the 2nd stage to be accomplished. […]


Our Mobile Application.

28th July 2018 balaton 0

The third stage has been accomplished. We added a Notifications page, something like a daily weblog concerning our Holiday Lettings life, a page between a Company page […]


Rate strategies.

9th July 2018 balaton 0

We cannot understand who are selling their “high-end designed places” at a 40% off rate, if compared with us or others. No, actually we can. […]